“Next to the originator of a good sentence is the first quoter of it.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve been collecting quotes on the inside covers of my notebooks since I was a child. Writers inspire me to write more often, be a better parent, follow my dreams, forgive myself. Writers remind me to get up, lie down, or simply sit still. Wise words become quotes when readers take the time to write things down.  As a full-time writer I know that hunting for a unique quote for a blog post, article, or webpage takes up precious writing time. This site is a place to store my personal collection of wise words from a lifetime of reading. As quote collector Luciano Passuello says, “People say you can know someone by the books one reads, or by the friends one has. I would say that a quicker way to know people is by taking a look at the quotes they collect.”

Are you a writer? You can help build this collection. If you use one of the quotes from this collection in a post, leave a comment under the quote with a link to your post or web page. If you have a favourite quote, send me an email or tweet. If I decide to use your quote, I’ll credit you by including a link of your choice with the post.  Please note that I’m most interested in unique quotes that you stumble upon in your reading life.

“Good quotes are timeless. It’s as if someone just ahead of you on the path of life is turning back to give you a helping hand and you come along behind. As we repeat these quotes and pass them along, we in turn are helping those who are following in our footsteps.” ~ Rolf Gates

Find out how reading has inspired my own writing at:  www.tarabenwell.com

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